How do I play?

See How to Play.

Where Can I Play It?

According to the First Amendment, you can play Dü-Ko wherever you have a right to assemble. However, people who are jealous of your game and too cheap to buy their own may attempt to prohibit Dü-Ko in order to confiscate a copy for themselves. This is a common tactic amongst teachers and librarians, who have stolen countless Rubix Cubes, Silly Putty Eggs, and Gigapets from unsuspecting students.

How do I win?

Well, practice makes perfect. But keep in mind that you can only use each digit 1-9 one time in each subgrid, and in each row up-down and left-right. Use this to help you eliminate possible answers.

Where is Dü-Ko Made?

Right here in the USA! While most other game designers rely on China or other countries for production, we’re keeping the game in-country. It’s a great game, made in great working conditions and built with years of service in mind.

How Long Will Dü-KoLast?

Forever. It’s made a high quality plastic that will keep you playing for ages. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe in case you spill something on it during a heated boys-night-out game.

How Big Is The Game?

About 1 foot in each direction, just under 3″ high, 2.2 lbs., perfect for traveling. It has a nifty handle that allows for easy transportation – the “grab’n’go” design lets you take the game on trains, planes and the back seats of automobiles! The game weighs just a little over two pounds.

How do I get replacement parts?

Use our online ordering system to get replacement parts. Check back for the link.

Why aren’t your replacement parts free?

Because they cost money. Despite what we used to say about other companies before we went into business, little pieces don’t cost “nothing” or “five cents.” We have to pay an employee to make the pegs, pull them out of production, package them and ship them. This takes time and lowers the number of games we can make per day. We only charge as much as we must.

My game was missing pieces when I bought it, can’t you send me free replacement parts?

We’d love to, but the store you bought that game from needs to know that someone shoplifted parts from their toys. This will help them make decisions about where they place things and how many workers they keep on the floor. Furthermore, they can exchange your game for a new one in perfect working order, and they’ll let us know if we need to make any changes in our packaging.

Is the Good Stewards Group just a little company owned by a big one?

Nope! We are a family-run business committed to making the best game available on Planet Earth. We believe in making our game in such a way that we create jobs in the US, use recycled materials, minimize packaging, and maximize the lifespan of each copy of the game.

Why is Dü-KO $39.95?

It’s true that the sticker price on this game would be a little lower if we made parts in China, used sweatshops, spent less time and money designing efficient packaging or designed the game to wear out in a few years, so all the SuDoku-addicts would buy more copies. However, that’s not how we roll. Our goal is to make a world class game that delivers exceptional value to the consumer in a responsible manner that respects the consumers, workers and environment. Our goal is delivering a world class game in a manner that honors everyone involved.