World Famous and Growing

We’ve talked to industry experts, game lovers, game haters, and everyone in between, and they all agree — Du-Ko is an amazing amount of fun! You can play it anywhere, and believe me, it has been. From Europe to California, Du-Ko is on the move. See what other people have to say!

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The Testimonials

Dü-Ko is a one-of-a-kind game that brings Sudoku to new heights. But don’t just take our word for it — here’s what others have to say!

I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to play Sudoku, but I could never teach them how to enjoy it with their friends or family. It’s a solitaire game. Now in order to improve my skills and learn new ways to teach, I personally solve at least two Sudoku puzzles a day. But I do it alone.

After playing Du-Ko once, I realized that it was the first time I was able to connect with my kids over a Sudoku game. Now Sudoku is a family game.

My wife and kids are very interactive people. And although they can play Sudoku, they’re not big on solitaire type games. They would rather be interacting with others when they play a game. Du-Ko gives them what they want, and allows me to share my passion with them.

When we finished playing the first game, my youngest son said, “That was fun! Can we play again?” From the get-go, the game was competitive. And toward the end, I was sweating bullets because he was about to beat me. Being the Sudoku Professor, I couldn’t let a 12 year old beat me! I managed to pull out the win in the end. And even though he lost, my son still was excited. (I have to admit, though, he did win the second game… but only by one move!)

If you want to connect with your kids or grandkids, help them learn solid logic thinking, and improve your Sudoku skills, I highly recommend you buy Du-Ko.

Chad Barker, the “Sudoku Professor”

Whether or not you love games, you WILL love Du-KO! This game is intriguing for many reasons: it’s fun, it’s easy, and it can be played by kids, adults, and even alzheimer’s patients. This brilliant concept allows up to nine players and it’s anyone’s game. Never a dull moment … you have to try it to believe it!

Kathy H.

I am an avid Sudoku player and I love competitive games. I had a chance to play Du-KO and it is a great way to add that aspect of competition to an already enjoyable pastime. I am really excited for the release, and cannot wait for there to be a game in every household.

Brendan G.

Du-KO is by far the most amazing version of Sudoku yet! In fact, it’s much more than Sudoku… it creates a competitive and fast paced game I’ve yet to see elsewhere.

Tedd B.

I can’t believe that Dü-KO is finally getting ready to come to market – I had to sign an NDA when I first got to play the game in a focus group well over a year and a half ago. So when I came across it on Kickstarter I jumped in an backed it. I admit I was no big Sudoku fan when I first played Dü-KO but let me tell you the old competitive juices really flow from the very first move until the last peg is played. Now I get it (Sudoku) totally but for my money Dü-KO has a lot more going for it. Hurry up August 15th – I want my Dü-KO game!

Craig C.